Sunday, December 21, 2008

Precious moments to be kept and shared...

The very first time I saw snow falls I got really excited and I was jumping around like a jakun in public. Not literally, but I was really happy and I couldn't stop saying "Oh, my god!" to my friends. In fact, they were also very much amused by the white snow flakes and they couldn't stop taking pictures of themselves at the same place and same spot.

Happy time together. At Van Dusen Garden for Festival of Lights event.
I have to say watching snow falls is indeed the prettiest thing to see. Two thumbs up =)! It is so white and pure and so soft (I meant those fresh snow)! And everytimg I go out, I will automatically take a handful of snow, compress it into a ball and start throwing at my friends. I know I am mischievous, but I can't help it =P. Trust me, it is really fun to throw snow on others!

Hehe. I am feeling mischievous again! Outside of Vernier Residence, UBC.
View from my room's window. Pretty isn't it?
The very first day it snowed in Vancouver was on Saturday night. Bunch of us just finished our 5th final paper, which is Math paper, on that day. So, as a reward for ourselves and to release some stress, we decided to go out and take some fresh air. We went to Van Dusen Garden right after dinner at the Malaysian restaurant located near Alma street.

Smile for the camera! I was actually freezing my arse. Freaking cold!

Van Dusen Garden (at Oak Street) was indeed not as huge as Butchard Garden (near Victoria, Vancouver island) but the light decoration was really awesome and amazing! So colourful and crowded with people. And I really love the Christmas atmosphere here! Definately better here than Malaysia. Hehe.

When it started to snow. Me love snow! =)

The snow really made our day! It made our trip worth than anything!

The next morning I woke up, the whole campus was covered with white snow since it didn't stop snowing the night before that. I was so excited I couldn't fall back to sleep even though I was really tired. Without caring much, I woke my roomie up and distracted her from sleeping. And then, we just sit in front of the window and stared at the white snow for the rest of the hour.

At the back of my residence.

Small forest near my residence.

Hahaha. Look at them, just like small kids.

And well, the rest of my holidays I am spending it in Victoria!!

Outside of Uncle and Aunty's house =).

Our second snowman! Very cute, isn't it?

Carrot for nose and pennies for eyes. As suggested by aunty.

Awww, he is almost as tall as me! =).

Hehe. I couldn't help it.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year people! Hope you guys have a more joyful year ahead!
Take care~ *hugs*